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The Pen Argyl PA Signature Treatment

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

before and after for signature treatment

Here at Radiant Rejuvenation With Robin, we specialize in all things anti-aging. One of the very first anti-aging treatments most men and women need is our Signature Cheek and Under Eye Treatment. What this entails is volume restoration to the mid face and under eye region for a refreshed and youthful look.

Starting in our mid-thirties, we begin to lose close to a teaspoon of volume in our face every year. That includes bone, muscle, and fat loss, as well as thinning skin and loss of collagen. A teaspoon of volume is equal to five syringes of filler! When volume loss in our face starts to happen, we begin to notice hollowing and contour changes in places like the cheeks, under eyes, temples, and around the mouth. Volume loss also contributes to facial laxity in the lower face, jawline, and aging of the lip region.

So you might be thinking, who is a good candidate for this treatment? The answer is anyone who has noticed volume loss and hollowing in their midface/cheek region and under their eyes. Typically when our providers complete a new patient assessment, 9 out of 10 times they suggest our Signature Cheek and Under Eye treatment. This is due to the fact that basically anyone over 30 could use the volume and support that it provides to the face. When volume is restored in those areas, it provides a refreshed, natural, and lifted look. On average, it takes about 2 sessions to achieve full correction in these areas.

For the first session, we usually start out with 1 syringe of mid-face / cheek filler per side and half a syringe of under eye filler per side, totaling 3 syringes. After about 3-4 weeks, we will complete a follow up visit to evaluate if more product is needed. The second session typically totals 1-2 syringes if additional volume is needed. Once full correction is achieved, most patients come in every 9-12 months to maintain their refreshed look!

If you feel like you have tired, dark, or sunken under eyes, this treatment is for you! Schedule a complimentary anti-aging consultation with one of our amazing providers today and become #livingRadiant Rejuvenation with Robin!

Ready to treat yourself to a signature treatment? Schedule your visit today.

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